The Basics Of Panning

OK, you found your spot & you’re sure there are huge nuggets just out of sight. Now all you have to do is get them to jump out of the ground and into your pocket. Easy peasy.

Actually it’s not really too hard. I mean it’s quite often hard work, you’re shoveling rocks, it’s supposed to be hard. But the process is pretty simple. I mentioned before that gold is heavy, really heavy. This works to your advantage when panning for gold.

You will need a digging tool. A shovel or a garden trowel or even a spoon. I’m not kidding, I have a variety of spoons that I use to scrape dirt out of tiny spaces that shovels won’t fit. That’s where gold tends to get trapped.

You will also need a gold pan. No, no you won’t. A gold pan is a popular tool but almost any container will work.

That’s it! A spoon and a pan. You can find gold with nothing more than that.