About 30 years ago I was wandering in the bush on western Vancouver Island. I thought I was miles away from anybody or anything. I was following a deer trail looking for water and eventually came to a small creek. The bush on Vancouver Island is notoriously thick and hard to negotiate so I decided to follow the creek for a while. I hadn’t gone far when I saw a line of rocks that had obviously been placed across half the creek at an angle. Then I found another on, and a third. At the third line of rocks I met an old man who was digging in the creek with a shovel.
He had a fire and coffee and invited me to sit. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him.  It turns out that he was panning for gold and the lines of rocks were to trap the gold that flowed down the creek during floods. He let me give panning a try & on my first pan I found a few flecks of gold. I was hooked!